The Doo Dah

A quarter beef - paid for and delivered over 5 months
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The Doo Dah is reminiscent of a small town meat locker where you stored your bulk beef purchase until you were ready to use it. Ask your parents or grandparents if you've never heard of anything like this. Chances are they'll remember meat lockers.

The Doo Dah is 100# of beef, or roughly a quarter that will include:

*50# ground beef

*15# steaks (a mix of sirloin, KC strips, t-bones and ribeyes)

*24# of assorted roasts (about 8)

*4# soup bones

*4# stew meat

*One brisket - approx. 4# 

We will box up your beef, label it and keep it stored in our walk-in freezer.

To order the Doo Dah, put down $400 and then make 4 monthly payments of $100, a total of $800. We will set up 4 recurring payments using a credit or debit card.

Every month for 5 months, we will deliver one-fifth (or 20#) of your quarter.  We'll bring a mix of cuts unless you request something in particular. At any point, you can pay the balance and either pick up your remaining beef or have it delivered.

If you choose to pay for the entire Doo Dah upfront and get the meat all at once (basically, you order a quarter), we'll discount it $50.

GrazeCart isn't quite ready to handle a product like this so place the item in your cart and we'll invoice you for the first $400 and then set up 4 payments for the following 4 months.